Let’s flip the switch

I’ve been overwhelmed with your responses to the site launch. SO many messages. SO many stories. Some like mine, some not. But all of them important and all of them have one thing in common: searching for light.

I heard from friends, strangers, old friends, and new. I heard from men, women, moms, dads, those struggling to become moms, young, old. I’ve been reading through your comments and messages for hours. Thank you. Thank you for reaching out and telling your stories. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m more encouraged than ever that this journey I’m on is am important one to share. I look forward to learning along the way with you all.

Stay in Touch

Let’s be honest, we’re all busy. Life happens. But if you want to stay in touch on these topics, here are a few ways:

  • I’ve created an AIM Well Facebook page here.
  • I am the admin of a private Facebook Group created for friends to confidently discuss their Autoimmune conditions, if you’d like an invitation to that, please message me.
  • If you’d like to get an email notification whenever there is a new post, you can sign-up in the footer of this site. Just school all the way to the bottom.
  • I’ve also created a list for those who want to be notified about news and events. A newsletter-ISH? This will be a less frequent communication, maybe a few times a year. You can sign up for that in the sidebar.
  • In addition to my site, the Resources page has a lot of great info. I’m loving the Autoimmune Wellness Podcast right now and listen to it while I’m getting ready for work in the morning. Those gals have a wealth of knowledge between them.

Some of you have asked me “Where do I begin in my Autoimmune journey?” And I’m working on a post that will share some of the first steps I took to taking control of my diagnoses.

For now, just know you are not alone. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel. And that tunnel is filled with others around you searching for that light. Let’s flip that light on, y’all.

Photo: © eaguirre

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