Siete Foods: Grain-Free Tortilla Heaven

Mexico has been on my mind lately, probably much of the country’s as well. More so than usual, and that’s a lot for a Texan. Our country is in a strange (and dangerous, depending on who you ask) place these days, and Texas’ proximity to the border makes us a natural battleground for opinion and discussion.

I find it harder and harder to write posts about mundane topics such as tortillas, it all seems so trivial and, at the risk of exaggerating, privileged. Trying hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while emotions and the unknown constantly concern you and your community isn’t easy.

Political action aside, and sticking to the mission of this site, the wellness show must go on. But not without more than a tinge of levity.

So let’s celebrate what makes Texas great: Mexican food!

One of my biggest struggles with my AIP experimentation has been the cuisine of our south of the border neighbors. It’s true what they say, Texas has the best in the country, and anywhere else “queso” just refers to melted cheese of any kind.

Dairy aside, as I’m still fighting a daily battle with cheese, the most iconic Mexican staple must be the fluffy, powdery, hand rolled, freshly baked tortilla. Reading that made your mouth water, didn’t it? Me, too. The flour struggle is real.

Over the years in my experiments with Paleo and grain-free eating, I’ve tried and even attempted myself these grainless meat holders. Nothing has even come close…UNTIL NOW. (You totally saw that coming, yes?)

In Googling recipes a few weeks ago for a carnitas recipe for my Instant Pot, I came across this Primal Palate carnitas with avocado salsa variation and was intrigued by the beautiful photo of the carnitas inside a tortilla. GASP!

Intrigued, I placed an order from the Texas family business’ adorable website, and instantly was hooked on Siete Family Foods‘ story and message. “What happens when a family joins together in their journey toward health? Amazing, life-changing things happen. Just ask the Garzas.” AND they are from Texas.

I decided on a variety pack that included 2 ALMOND FLOUR + 2 CASSAVA & COCONUT + 2 CASSAVA & CHIA. As soon as my order shipped, I received the following email, to which I then proceed to forward to everyone I could think of because OH MY GOD I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH THESE CLEVER PEOPLE:

The box arrived this week, with a tortilla poem and a Haiku printed on the outside. Furthering my love affair with this South Texas family. Did I mention they are from Texas? I did? Cool, cool.

I ripped open the package and instantly dug into this delicious grain-free goodness. Luckily I had some handy shredded chicken on hand from my weekly instant pot whole chicken. So far, we’ve tired the Almond Flour and the Cassava and Coconut. DELISH.

As with many speciality foods, especially due to the convenience of grain-free products shipping directly to you, they aren’t inexpensive. $55 for the 6 packs of 8 each, roughly $1 a tortilla. We ain’t feeding these to the baby. Hands off!

Soon they’ll start offering grain-free tortillas chips, but the pre-orders are already sold out. Womp womp. But I’ll keep you abreast of the chipuation.

Would love to hear of any other grain-free recipes or tortillas products that you love. <3


  1. Jane January 27, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Thanks for the recommendation. I might end up paying the $$$ for these. I have found that if I make my own corn tortillas (with just masa and water as ingredients), I can tolerate that. And it’s inexpensive. I find that I can not not tolerate commercial corn tortillas. So many additives my body rejects. Not grain-free of course but another option to consider.

  2. Monica January 27, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Good to know!

  3. Deana January 27, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Mattison has THE MOST AMAZING recipe for Plantain tortillas. Sometimes when she makes them, I cut them up and fry them in coconut oil to make tortilla chips. So amazing. I cannot believe how awesome AIP can be. The restrictions are actually not so bad. Making AIP chili with beets instead of tomato…WHO AM I? So awesome. Thanks for creating this site.


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